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Evidences of Hope- #3


Engadi has recently initiated English classes as another way to bring #hope to Paraíso. While learning a second language may be a leisure pursuit for some, to the boys in Paraíso it could lead to new job opportunities, even some that they otherwise would have been disqualified from due to the neighborhood in which they were raised. In fact, in some careers in Guatemala, having a basic knowledge of the English language could almost double an employee’s pay.


We have witnessed the renewed #hope and confidence these classes give the boys within the Derek Program as they strive to reach perfection in their class grades- dancing to every perfect score they get and being dissatisfied with any score below. These opportunities will allow the Derek Boys to be able to pursue their dreams, giving them even more possible breakthroughs to become Godly leaders to their families, community, nation, and church.


Evidences of Brotherhood- #3

Through the English classes that were initiated in Paraíso last week, Engadi has been able to create an even stronger #brotherhood within the boys in the Derek Program. This #brotherhood can be seen especially between Engadi staff members and the boys during their lessons. While working on the computers, boys have a mentor with them to guide and answer questions throughout the lessons. This has strengthened the bond between the boys and their mentors, and boys can often be heard saying, “Don’t leave me,” or “I want you to sit right here while I work.” This has provided Engadi an even greater opportunity to teach, disciple, and encourage the boys and focus on their individual needs. In addition, many of the boys can be heard encouraging each other, comparing scores of their recent work, and practicing their English together. We are excited to see #brotherhood growing within the Derek Program, and are continuing to create restoration and legacy in Paraíso through providing #hope and #brotherhood to the community.


Engadi Initiates English Classes in Paraíso

This week, Engadi piloted new typing and English classes for the boys in the Derek Program. Young men who had a desire to improve their skills in either of these areas were invited to classes led by Engadi staff members in the Engadi Transformation Center. Most of these boys do not have regular access to computers, and having even weekly classes on computers will help them gain skills that will be valuable when they begin seeking employment in the future. In addition, having knowledge of the English language can possibly augment, if not double, the salary that they are qualified to earn in many job markets in Guatemala.

More importantly, the classes give boys a time of one-on-one mentorship, encouragement, and discipleship with Engadi staff. The boys’ faces couldn’t hide their excitement and contentment to have a focused time of attention and learning with an adult they trusted.

Engadi is excited to expand the scope of the Derek Program that we are able to extend to boys in Paraíso who are motivated to succeed in spite of their current situation. These classes are scheduled to continue twice a week throughout the summer months for boys who are interested. Check back periodically for updates and photos of the classes throughout the summer!

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Education In Guatemala

Guatemala’s educational system is one of the poorest, and arguably one of the worst in Central America. Although literacy and schooling rates are growing nationwide, the country as a whole still lags behind most other Central American nations, and Paraíso is no exception. Nearly one quarter of the country’s population is illiterate, and many kids drop out of school at a young age to begin helping provide for their family, whether it be working to make a few dollars a day or taking care of younger siblings while parents work. Only about one-third of children will continue their education beyond sixth grade.


It is for these reasons that Engadi Ministries places a high emphasis on improving education as a whole in Paraíso. Through a yearly scholarship program Engadi provides school supplies to families, teachers, and faculty who otherwise couldn’t afford them. We also provide periodical classes to educate and create a #brotherhood between teachers and also provide them with resources to enhance the educational experience of students. Over the past several years Engadi has also focused on cleaning up and repainting schools to provide an atmosphere of #hope where children can learn. Through these means as well as other programs that are still being developed, Engadi hopes to improve the overall education in Paraíso, making it an exception to Guatemalan statistics, and giving children a bright future full of opportunities.



Statistics from: http://www.globaleducationfund.org/guatemala/

Paraíso School Outreach with Clayton King Ministries

This past Thursday and Friday, with the help of our fist team from Clayton King Ministries, Engadi was able to host several days of outreach and educational support in local schools. Each day, the team divided up and taught songs, skits, and Biblically-based lessons to elementary and middle-school kids. With the help of four local translators, the teams were able to teach and play with the children while Clayton King delivered the Gospel message to their parents the very same day. Several hundred students, teachers and parents have been impacted by their work over the past two days.

We thank Clayton King Ministries for their investment into the children of Paraíso and for reaching out to show Christ’s love to the least, the lost, and the forgotten of Guatemala.

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Engadi Partners with Clayton King Ministries

This week is a very special week for Engadi Ministries Intl, as we are hosting our very first team from Clayton King Ministries. The week will be focused on working within the school system of Paraíso as well as hosting evangelistic community development events throughout the weekend. To top if off, we are pleased to have Clayton King, himself joining the team to share the Gospel message in Paraíso over the next several days.


Yesterday, the team had an overall great day working in the largest elementary school in the area. In both the morning and afternoon sessions, Clayton King shared the Gospel with parents of students, where God provided an awesome turnout of several hundred parents throughout the day. The parents were extremely interactive and responsive to the message delivered, and those who dedicated their lives to Christ were encouraged to follow up with a local church or with an Engadi staff ember within Engadi’s Transformation Center which is located just across the street from the school. To close out the day, Clayton shared the Gospel with older children who were finishing up their school day that evening. The children were also quite interactive and loved having a guest speaker from the U.S. share his heart with them.


Benaiah Home Update

Engadi Ministries is excited to announce that we are on the verge of taking three at-risk young men into the Benaiah Home. This marks a milestone of growth for the ministry, and while we are very close to welcoming all three boys into the home, there are still several things that must take place before we can do so. Here is a simplified breakdown of the primary steps to officially opening the doors of the Benaiah Home, and several ways that you can pray for Engadi as that date draws nearer.

The first step that must take place is that each boy and his parents must provide a set of legal documents that allow Engadi to care for him within the Benaiah Home. After receiving that paperwork, Engadi is then able to work with a local private school and Guatemala’s Department of Education to enroll each boy there. This educational step is a vital step since it would be counterproductive to remove a boy from his current situation without having a way to continue his education.

One of the schools in Paraíso where the boys are transferring from.

One of the schools in Paraíso where the boys are transferring from.

Engadi has chosen three boys that were slated to enter the home during the first part of 2016, and has a second three boys picked to join them in the home after a few months of acclimation. We have received the legal documents to complete the first step for each of the first three boys, and are working to have them approved by the Department of Education to transfer to our local private school. One has already been approved and is move-in ready! Due to the unique situations of each of the other two boys, we are still awaiting their approval to transfer schools which could happen any day.

Of the second set of boys chosen to move into the Benaiah Home, Engadi has begun the process to enroll them in the home to hasten the process. We are still waiting to receive the first legal documents for each of the second set of boys, but two of them have already been approved to transfer schools by the Department of Education! Praise God!

Engadi wants to specifically request prayers that Guatemala’s Department of Education would approve each of the remaining boys (two in the first set, and one in the second) to transfer to the local private school near the Benaiah Home. Pray also that the legal documentation for the second set of boys would have no hangups, and that their families are able to provide the necessary documents. Finally, we ask your prayers for each of the boys as the will soon transition into the home and also begin attending a new school. Pray that they are able to acclimate to differences in their environment with relative ease. Pray that they are able to catch up in school during the coming months as many of them have fallen behind by several grade levels or have dropped out all together to help support their families.

Engadi thanks you for your prayers, and praises God in faith for what He will do through each of the boys that comes into the Benaiah Home, and for the plans He has in store for them. We look to Him to open all of the doors, and make this chapter of Engadi a reality for His glory.

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Opening its doors soon- The Benaiah Home

Tools for Success

This week, Engadi Ministries recognized students within the schools system of Paraíso who completed Engadi’s Scholarship Program for the 2016 school year. Over the years, Engadi has discovered that many children in Paraíso stop attending school altogether due to a lack of basic school supplies that their families cannot afford. In an effort to provide a practical solution to this problem, Engadi has teamed up with students, teachers, and families to help them obtain the necessary materials for success allowing children to continue pursuing the hopes and dreams they have.

Donated supplies were sorted, packaged, and provided to students and parents who had completed several requirements. Families first attended Biblically-based family values classes taught by Engadi’s Director of Discipleship, David Medina, followed by completing a number of hours volunteering within their community creating a brotherhood of parents within the community. In doing so, Engadi partnered with seventy students to help them earn the supplies needed to continue their elementary school education.

Engadi Ministries also partnered with directors, faculty, and teachers within the four elementary schools to allow them to earn supply packages for their classrooms, since teachers are often forced to purchase the majority of necessary supplies by their own means. Sixty-six teachers who voluntarily attended Biblically-based teamwork classes, also taught by David Medina were provided with a package of supplies to help meet their needs within the classroom.

Finally, to close out the day, Nathan and Claudia Hardeman along with Manuel Fajardo, Darlyn Iquic and Ellie Carr presented each of the boys within Engadi’s Derek Program with a package of school supplies at the newly renovated Engadi Transformation Center. Just another way Engadi is seeking to bring hope and brotherhood to Paraíso through the legacy of today’s children.

Thank you to all who donated supplies and made this year’s scholarship program a success in Paraíso.


Version 2

Back to School

Engadi Ministries Intl. has partnered with families for the second year in a row to help families in Paraíso who otherwise can’t afford school supplies to earn them by giving back to their community. This week staff members worked together to package school supplies for children who completed Engadi’s scholarship program for the 2016 school year. In order to earn school supplies, children and families had to give back to their community through a variety of projects, and also were required to attend Biblically-based family values classes provided by Engadi.

When asked, one local boy said that he had quit attending school regularly because the teacher was always asking him where his school supplies were, and his family didn’t have the money to buy him any. He said that it was too embarrassing to not have the tools he needed, and he would rather not go than be embarrassed, in spite of the fact that he wants to become a lawyer when he grows up.

IMG_3124  IMG_3131

It is our goals to work with families hand-in-hand to allow them to earn necessities such as school supplies. Through these small packages of school supplies, Engadi Ministries can continue building relationships and fostering the future hopes of students and teachers in Paraíso through improving the quality of education they receive.

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Juanes, a driven young man within Engadi’s Derek Program, has grown up in the slums of Guatemala City never being able to enroll in school or learn to read or write. Although he was born in Guatemala City, due to a glitch in the system, he never received a birth certificate from the hospital where he was born. Because of this, he has been completely undocumented and prohibited from attending school. Over the past several weeks, Engadi has been fighting for Juanes to obtain his birth certificate to provide him with a broader spectrum of opportunities in life. We are striving to have the process completed before the end of the year so that in January he can enroll in an alphabetization course that will teach him to read and write.

In spite of all the odds and setbacks facing him, fourteen-year-old Juanes is determined to succeed. Over the past few weeks, Engadi’s Director of Ministry in Zone 18, Manuel, has been working one-on-one with him to give him a head start in reading and writing. With a little mentoring, Juanes is greatly excelling in learning his letters and basic sight words. He is also the only young man to have perfect attendance in all of the Derek Program activities. Way to go Juanes!

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