Alan Iverson Taxch Aguirre

Birthday: January 25

Mariano Gálvez University - 3rd Semester

Degree Focus: Marketing


$2,320 covers the full academic year

Engadi Scholarship Disclaimer

All donations to scholarships go to a general scholarship fund to help cover the costs of all students.  Funds are not earmarked to a specific student.

The Dollar amount listed under each student covers all the financial obligations for them to attend the school they are enrolled in for one year.

Scholarship costs vary depending on the academic institution, grade level and degree they are studying.

No students will be denied a scholarship due to a lack of a sponsor.

Scholarships are awarded on academic merit.  Not every student must be an A student, but they must pass their classes and work towards getting better.

Lack of personal initiative and behavior issues are the main reasons for removal of a scholarship.


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