Engadi Ministries exists to Empower Families so they can Transform Their Communities. A community is many times defined by the quality of houses built within it. Instead of looking at the physical house, Engadi believes the best way to define a community is to look at the homes. Even among some of the most rundown and rustic houses, we have found incredible families that, through love, form a solid home. As they say, “Home is where the heart is.”

Simply by helping families achieve their hopes and dreams of having better living conditions we empower them. The low income job opportunities a lot of families survive on make it impossible for them to save up enough so they can build a dignified home.

Nehemiah 5 tells the story of how the hearts of the rich were turned to help the poor in their community. We want to do the same by being a blessing and an encouragement to those we serve. We all dream of owning our own home, and many of us reach that goal and even have two or three homes. As Engadi invites you - our ministry partners - into these neighborhoods, we want to open your eyes to the great need for a safe, long-lasting home for our brothers and sisters in Guatemala City.

Obtaining a mortgage in Guatemala is possible, but the burden is overwhelming. Many home loans require a 30% downpayment and annual interest of between 12 and 17%! The potential salary to mortgage ratio is simply impossible for most hard-working residents in the community. Engadi doesn’t want anyone to be burdened under a heavy yoke of interest, but uplifted, embraced, and loved the way Christ would. As we learn in Leviticus 25, we want to help carry each other's burdens.

As Engadi identifies families that have already formed a solid home, but would benefit from a better physical environment, we want to work with them in achieving their goals. Through generous donations, we intend to fund the project covering 100% of the costs. We believe that this incredible gift will empower these families to give back. For that reason, we will issue a challenge to encouraging each family to pay-it-forward by donating 50% of the value of their home renovation or home build toward future projects. As a non-profit there will be no way to enforce this request for a donation, but we are simply trusting God they will pay-it-forward! By doing so they will be investing into the Home Transformation Ministry as well, and will hopefully value the gift they received even more. They will be the ones to plant a seed for the next home project to be done down the road.

As we work to lift an entire neighborhood out of poverty and help individuals reach their full potential in Christ, a dignified place to live is one of the greatest steps up a family can receive. Working together as the body of Christ, we can bless many homes.

If you have questions about how you can be a part of this unique project of building homes, please contact us at