Neighborhood Outreach – Community Development

In our attempt to affect the lives of boys in Guatemala we must see the greater picture. We cannot just pull them out of their poverty and expect them to excel, while neglecting their mom and siblings back home, still battling the same issues. We must look at the whole process. Engadi wants to partner with our fellow local ministries that can take the family under their wing, ministering to them locally while we focus on the boy. We want to make sure the other siblings have school supplies, clothes, and medical attention when needed.

Depending on the situation we may go back and build the family a basic home. Many of the families we partner with live in one-room shacks made of wood, tin, and other trash they can obtain at little to no cost. Many have dirt floors, and some have no access to clean water or electricity. These families are candidates for Engadi Ministries’ Home Building Program in an effort to give the boys we partner with, as well as their siblings and parents, a secure and healthier home environment.

The homes we build for families are simple but secure block homes with electricity, water, concrete floors, bathrooms, and two to three rooms depending on the size of the family. This provides children safety from the violence that often surrounds them outside the home, as well as a illuminated dry place to study and spend time with their family. Homes usually cost $5,000-$10,000 to completely construct. If you would like to sponsor a home for a family, please contact us at or donate here.