November Pizza Reward


Another month has passed, and the young men within the Derek Program are continuing to excel within the program. This month, sixteen boys attended at least 75% of all Engadi activities including weekly Bible studies and community service projects. As a reward this month, the brotherhood of boys were taken out to a pizza lunch at a restaurant where they were able to play, relax, and enjoy a delicious meal that is a rare treat for most of the boys.

201511 Pizza 201511 Pizza 201511 Pizza

Of the sixteen who participated in this month’s reward, eight boys were additionally rewarded for having perfect attendance in the month of November, a record number since the inception of the Derek Program. These eight were rewarded with a special dessert at the lunch, which they shared until there wasn’t a morsel left.

201511 Pizza

IMG_0504 201511 Pizza

Engadi is extremely proud of this group of hard-working brotherhood of young men. We will continue striving to bring each of their hopes to a reality so that each individual will continue to leave a legacy within his own community.

201511 Pizza

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Juanes, a driven young man within Engadi’s Derek Program, has grown up in the slums of Guatemala City never being able to enroll in school or learn to read or write. Although he was born in Guatemala City, due to a glitch in the system, he never received a birth certificate from the hospital where he was born. Because of this, he has been completely undocumented and prohibited from attending school. Over the past several weeks, Engadi has been fighting for Juanes to obtain his birth certificate to provide him with a broader spectrum of opportunities in life. We are striving to have the process completed before the end of the year so that in January he can enroll in an alphabetization course that will teach him to read and write.

In spite of all the odds and setbacks facing him, fourteen-year-old Juanes is determined to succeed. Over the past few weeks, Engadi’s Director of Ministry in Zone 18, Manuel, has been working one-on-one with him to give him a head start in reading and writing. With a little mentoring, Juanes is greatly excelling in learning his letters and basic sight words. He is also the only young man to have perfect attendance in all of the Derek Program activities. Way to go Juanes!

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Moving Day

This week, Engadi Ministries’ houseparents, James and Ellie Carr, moved into the Benaiah House, a home the Lord has provided to be Engadi Ministries’ first boys’ home. The home is designed to house a maximum of nine at-risk boys, the houseparent family, and will also be Engadi’s home office in Guatemala.

The Carrs will spend the coming weeks preparing the house to take in boys, and the home will open its doors to boys from Paraíso early in 2016. This is the first step in getting the boys into a safe environment – sparking #hope and true #brotherhood for years to come.

To learn more about Engadi Ministries’ boys’ homes, click here.



Family Values Classes- Partnering with Families

Over the next three weeks, Engadi Ministries will be providing Biblically-based Family Values Classes to parents within the school systems of Paraíso. The classes are designed to provide Biblical parenting strategies to bring families closer together and promote healthy relationships within families. David Medina, Engadi’s Director of Discipleship, will be providing the classes Monday through Friday at several intervals throughout the day. David’s passion for families and gift of teaching has created a special bond between him and the students and families of the local elementary schools.

Families are able to elect classes with topics that interest them, and attend classes at times throughout the week that are convenient to their schedules. Many of these parents have students who are enrolled in Engadi’s annual scholarship program. Parents of these children must attend at least four of the classes as a part of the students’ requirements to earn school supplies.

We are asking for prayers for David as he leads these classes and discussions over the next several weeks. Pray also that parents are receptive to the ideas and messages that he brings them.

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Turning Bottles to Cans-

Trash Cans

The boys involved in #Engadi’s Derek Program are committed to bringing #hope to their neighborhood through serving. Over the past several weeks, the Derek boys scavenged their community for plastic bottles littering the ground that they would be able to repurpose. They worked together turning the collection of bottles into a collection of cans- trash cans, that is.

This past week, the boys painted power poles at a local soccer field in Paraíso and attached the newly fashioned trash cans to the poles. Each boy will be responsible for maintaining the can that he made and emptying it as needed. Through this service, the boys hope to hope to convert the image of a derelict, polluted soccer field to a safer, litter-free common area that families can enjoy together.

Together, the #brotherhood of young men are restoring their community and creating a legacy step by step.

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Trash Cans

Trash Cans Trash Cans Trash Cans Trash Cans

Synergy Conference Visits Paraíso

Today, Engadi had the privilege of hosting a group of visionaries, pastors, mission leaders, and urban developers in Paraíso. We had the opportunity to guide a group of individuals and demonstrate many aspects of community transformation that Engadi is currently involved in such as bringing #hope to the local schools through painting and rejuvenation, and developing a #brotherhood of Mighty Men who can continue the legacy within their community. We also visited several families and community members that Engadi works closely with.

Tomorrow, as the closing day of the 2015 International Synergy Conference, we will be part of a round table discussion further learning about urban development, other urban ministries, and ways we can improve current strategies of community transformation in Paraíso.

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Synergy 2015 Conference

This week, staff members, Nathan, David, and James, will be attending an international conference known a Synergy. Synergy is a yearly event that happens in some of the largest urban areas in the world, and this year it happens to be held in Guatemala making it extremely convenient for Engadi to be a part of, and actually partner with in hosting.

The week long conference led by the Urban Training Collaborative (UTC) seeks to unite all types of organizations, political leaders, pastors, anthropologists, businessmen, and others to explore viable strategies of renovation transformation within an urban setting.

We seek to gain insight in ways that we can improve the innovation of Engadi Ministries and better deliver #hope and #brotherhood to the neighborhood of Paraíso within the slums Guatemala City.

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