On an Engadi Ministries trip, you’ll be immersed in the sights and sounds of Guatemala. You will likely be involved in construction projects, literally laying bricks to shelter those without homes or hope. You will serve children inside Guatemala City’s Zone 18 neighborhoods, a destitute community neglected even by many public services. Where 72% of children have no access to schools, you will become part of an ongoing program to educate children for a brighter future. But for all the good our volunteer teams do for Guatemala, we continue to hear from teams that the biggest changes they experience are personal ones — a broadened culture understanding, and a deeper love for the poor in Christ.

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Located on the continent of Central America, Guatemala borders Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Belize. The flight is approximately three hours from the United States.


Spanish is the official language of Guatemala. Spanish as a first or second language is spoken by 93% of the population. Many Mayan villages also maintain their local Mayan languages as well. Basic English is widely understood by locals and advanced English skills are highly sought after for more diverse and higher-paying employment opportunities. Team members are encouraged to learn a few basic Spanish phrases before departure!


The best way to describe Guatemala’s weather is comfortable! From May to October is typically the rainy season, while it is predominately drive from October to May. Year round the projected temperatures in the 70s during the day, and 50s at night and during our early morning breakfast and devotions. During rainy season there is a chance of rain showers in the afternoons, so come prepared!


Religion in Guatemala is fairly complex, with traditional Mayan spirituality still very much a presence, particularly in the highlands, along with Catholicism and the more recent arrivals of Evangelical Christianity.

The goal for any team is to come alongside the Engadi staff to meet the current needs of the community and ministry. While Team Leaders have an opportunity to give input on your team’s projects, we ask that all teams ultimately submit to the leadership of Engadi for the final plans!


Help us share the love of Jesus through action! You will work alongside a team of local construction workers and project foreman. Each project is selected and coordinated with our Engadi Ministries team. We want to ensure we are creating a partnership in this neighborhood that is sustainable over the long term. While our teams are not expected to come with any specific skills in construction, we do expect all team members to come eager to learn new skills and work hard!


Help us share Biblical principles about Jesus with student through language lessons! You will partner with our Engadi Ministries team and translators to host a multi-day ESL program for the children and teens of the neighborhood. Knowing English is an incredible asset for residents of Zone 18. Many individuals with this skill will be afforded opportunities to further their education and obtain jobs that would otherwise not be available.


If your team has a professional in the field of medicine (family medicine, pediatrics, vision, dental, etc), we would love to consider hosting a clinic in the neighborhood. This would be an incredible resource for our community to receive necessary assessments and next steps for their health in Jesus’ name. We have also hosted various classes on hygiene and wellness that a professional could contribute to as well.


Similar to clinics, if your team has someone that could assist the community in teacher training, parenting classes, business development, etc, we would love to consider having you host sessions to equip adults in the community in a specific area while also sharing the love of Jesus.


Your team has the opportunity to partner with Engadi Ministries to host a block party in different parts of Zone 18. Your team would host stations including but not limited to bouncy houses, face painting, sports, and games. The Engadi staff are able to take advantage of these community gatherings by sharing the vision of their ministry to the neighborhood, present the gospel, and offer a fun and safe environment for children to experience Jesus through your hugs and smiles.


Help us model Jesus by making disciples! Some of our veteran teams have taken opportunities to pour into the boys that are a part of Engadi Ministries “Derek” program by taking them on service trips and fun trips outside of Zone 18. Just like you, taking these students out of their comfort zone allows them to see a bigger picture of the Kingdom of God and his work in the nation of Guatemala.

As important as rest is in the Bible Engadi believes that taking a Cultural day to not only rest is important, but it also gives greater depth of insight of the incredible beauty found in Guatemala.

Do you have another idea in mind? Let our trip coordinator know, and we would be happy to look into it!

First, our Volunteer Mobilizer would be happy to answer any questions you may have. You may also visit our website at any time as well.

Your group will stay at the team house located in a gated and secure neighborhood located just outside Guatemala City. This is where you will sleep each night, share most meals, and hold team meetings & devotions.

Each participant will be provided with a pillow, linens, and a towel. You will be housed in bunk beds (roomed by gender or family). Bathrooms are shared with other team members of the same gender.

We promise that you will think back on the food for years and years to come! Our ministry team provides a cooking staff specifically for your team. You will be fed incredibly well (so you can work incredibly hard!). There will be a variety of meals provided throughout the week.

With enough advanced notice our team has the ability to accommodate to some dietary allergies. The challenge is finding food alternatives here. However, we do not promise to accommodate preferences! If someone is severely allergic or allergic to multiple things it is best they plan to bring their own stuff. If someone for example is allergic to gluten we can find gluten free pasta, or substitute with rice, but we can’t readily find gluten free bread, so they may want to bring a loaf bread we can use to make their sandwiches.

We would recommend you exchange a small amount of money for drinks, snacks, and souvenirs. Most locations now accept debit or credit cards (confirm with your bank or company that your card is able to work in Guatemala). We would encourage teams to exchange money before baggage claim at the airport. There is also one exchange counter after baggage claim, but there aren’t many opportunities once you exit the airport to exchange more.

Absolutely not! We believe that even a smile and a hug can transcend language barriers when interacting with a child of Zone 18. When language is needed, our on-site translators will be available and eager to help you communicate with others! We would, however, challenge you to brush up on some Spanish skills prior to your trip. This is always a fun way to interact and encourage others (and may provide a few good laughs as well!)

All year long, you will find that the weather is chilly in the 50’s or 60’s in the mornings and evenings and warm in the 80’s in the afternoons. We also experience a rainy season (May-October) and a dry season that will impact the weather a bit. Since your team house doesn’t have heat or AC, we would encourage you to pack layers in order to be comfortable regardless of the temperature.

We would be happy to suggest a packing list based on your tentative schedule. In general, consider the weather, your trip itinerary, and the fact that we are working in environments that would expect modesty.

It is encouraged to bring small gifts that can be distributed to everyone that you work with under the direction of the site director at the Engadi Transformation Center. Please do not give gifts to individuals or outside the approval of the Engadi Staff. Some great ideas may include: |Small pieces of candy or party favors like bouncy balls, bracelets, and craft supplies.

We would request that you visit your local doctor and to ensure that you are personally equipped to travel. Currently, Engadi Ministries and the nation of Guatemala do not have any requirements for entry.

The water is not safe to drink from faucets, however, you will be provided with safe drinking water from coolers at any of the sites and at the team house. Ice is also safe at any of the restaurants we visit. Please encourage teams to not “risk it” with ice or water from vendors on the street. This will be exhaustively covered at our on-site training.

We will never guarantee that any team member will be safe on a trip. However, our ministry has partnered with the residents in Zone 18 for over 20 years and believe that we create a safe and predictable environment at any of our work sites. We also take into account the team and real time updates from our staff on the ground. We seek wisdom from the Lord and others and are willing to be flexible as we make decisions about the day's schedule!

Important Documents

Team Leader Guide
Packing List
Landing in Guatemala