Neighborhood Outreach – Discipleship

Pain, neglect and violence is a common theme in the Paraíso neighborhood. Most families revolve around one mother with numerous children from several men. Many kids go by their madden name because their father wasn’t present at birth. Society rejects those that come from “that side of the tracks.” Many companies wont even accept a job application if you are from Zone 18. The brokenheartedness can be overwhelming. Bitterness and anger easily takes root deep down in the heart.

We may give the boys of Zone 18 an education, a home to live in, and nice clothes, but that is all outward appearances. A true and lasting change only comes if we can impact the boys from the inside out. By teaching the Bible on their level Engadi is able to slowly work down and dig out all the decay in their hearts. Slowly with the help of the Holy Spirit we patch and mend the heart back to its original intention. Once a week Manuel Fajardo, Engadi’s Neighborhood Coordinator, meets with 25 boys in what we call the DEREK Group. This is a dedicated group of boys wanting to get ahead and have a chance for a better future.