Engadi Ranch (A Future Dream)

Just a 25-minute drive from Antigua, this three-acre property donated by Bernal Ehlert is situated among the rolling hills of a picturesque agrarian community. With an adjoining 12 acres available for purchase as funds become available, Engadi Ranch is planned to support an expansive campus to house up to 135 elementary- and middle school-aged boys. They will live in small family units with dedicated house parents. Master plans also include an on-site school facility, playgrounds, horse pasture, dojo, soccer fields, and more.

Engadi Ministries’ full-time construction crew is currently working on improving the road that leads to Engadi Ranch in order to begin development and construction of the acreage there. Recent teams from the States have greatly boosted progress on the road construction over the past three years.

To maintain unity between the two properties we will continue to use the Spanish Colonial inspired architecture on this property. The goal is to keep a warm and welcoming atmosphere throughout the facility.