Boys Homes

Engadi Ministries is inspired by the biblical account of David in Engadi (sic), the region where he led a group of poor and “misfit” boys to become the “Mighty Men” of Israel and to transform their suffering land into a great nation (2 Samuel 2:1-2; 1 Chronicles 12:1). Engadi Ministries is working to create two similarly nurturing environments: Engadi Refuge and Engadi Ranch, where boys will live, study, and mature into mighty men of character. The boys homes, located at a safe distance from Guatemala City and now under construction, will offer education and a healthy family life.

Benaiah House

The Benaiah House is a rental property located on the hillsides overlooking Guatemala City. Engadi signed a lease in October 2015! James and Ellie Carr, Engadi Ministries’ house parents, are scheduled to move in early November to prepare the house for 3 boys to move in early 2016. The house includes 3 bedrooms for 9 boys, a suite for the Carr family and an office for Engadi Ministries. This is the first step in getting the boys into a safe environment – sparking hope and true brotherhood for years to come.

Engadi Refuge (Under Construction)

This 2.25-acre parcel situated in the mountains above Antigua, Guatemala (a popular tourist destination and world heritage site) will be home for 20 high school-aged boys and provide them a community center complete with library and computer labs, easily accessible educational facilities in the city, and most importantly a healthy family experience with parental role models. With beautiful mountainside views, Engadi Refuge will also host Engadi Ministries’ administrative buildings and Retreat Center, where boys applying for a place within the program can come for weekend orientations.

Engadi Ranch (Under Construction)

Just a 25-minute drive from Antigua, this three-acre property donated by Bernal Ehlert is situated among the rolling hills of a picturesque agrarian community. With an adjoining 12 acres available for purchase as funds become available, Engadi Ranch is planned to support an expansive campus to house up to 135 elementary- and middle school-aged boys. They will live in small family units with dedicated house parents. Master plans also include an on-site school facility, playgrounds, horse pasture, dojo, soccer fields, and more.