All Aboard!

Today, those who have excelled in ‪#‎Engadi‬’s Derek Program over the last month were rewarded with a day away from Paraíso to Guatemala’s Railroad & Train Museum. Most of these boys have rarely ever left the neighborhood they grew up in and educational trips such as these are a way of bringing them ‪#‎hope‬.

Out of the twenty-one young men in the program, fourteen earned a trip to the local museum which none had ever been to before. These boys have served numerous hours within their neighborhood over the past weeks, and have had high attendance ratings in their weekly discipleship groups. The trip was a way for this ‪#‎brotherhood‬ of boys to get away for a day, learn, and celebrate their achievements together. Praise God for their hard work and persistence over the past month!

Train Museum

Train Museum

Train Museum

Train Museum

Train Museum

Train Museum

Trashcan Community Service

The boys within the Derek Program have been busy working to take responsibility for and improve their community over the past few weeks.

While Paraíso is often characterized by the amount of trash polluting the communities, these boys have decided to change their community by creating, implementing and servicing public trash cans. These young men scavenged the community to find plastic bottles which they then fashioned into public trash cans. These cans will be placed in public areas and maintained by the boys.
Here they are working diligently on the project. We can’t wait to update you with the final product!

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Meet Pearce!

Meet Pearce!

Pearce gave up a week of her summer vacation to come to Guatemala and bring ‪#‎hope‬ to the people of Paraíso. This week she attended her school’s Future Career Day as a missionary.
“I work for Engadi Ministries. I am a missionary in Guatemala,” she declared. She even brought her morning coffee like our intern, Brooklyn, did this summer.
We are thankful for Pearce’s example in faith and service to others. Keep it up, Pearce! We can’t wait to have you on staff one day!
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Juanes’ Birth Record

We all take for granted the fact that we exist and are identified in someway. What would happen if you weren’t even sure when you were born? What if you didn’t have a birth certificate? You couldn’t enroll in school, apply for a job, get a Driver’s license, get married. You may be on this earth physically, but you don’t exist on paper.

Juanes Lopez thinks he was born in October 2001 and has never been to school because his birth was never registered.

Yesterday David & James found his birth registry in the medical records of small hospital.
Juanes was born September 7, 2001!

Still working on getting it legally registered and getting a birth certificate.

Just another way to bring ‪#‎HOPE‬ to the boys in Zone 18.

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Juan Jose Lopez

Sofia Graduates Preparatoria!

Engadi Ministries wants to give a grand congratulations to Sofia, who graduated from preparatoria (kindergarten) today. Sofia, pictured center, is the sister of two boys enrolled in the Derek Program, and is the daughter of Delfina, with whose family we work closely with. When she grows up, Sofia wants to be a Doctor, specifically Doc McStuffins!

Great work, Sofia!




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Daily Prayer Request- October 24

Daily Prayer Request:

A big part of informing churches and individuals about God’s work in Guatemala through Engadi Ministries is providing them with a clear “vision” of the ministry. Pray for God’s wisdom, guidance, and clarity as the vision of the ministry is shared to more churches and groups in the future to inform and move people to help in the harvest of believers in Guatemala.

Daily Prayer Request- October 23

Daily Prayer Request:

While being involved in full-time ministry, it can be difficult to find the balance between focusing on outreach and communicating both our fruits and needs with the States. Pray that Engadi Ministries can clearly and succinctly share what God is doing through the ministry and the needs of the ministry to our prayer warriors and supporters in the States

Recognition in Schools

Engadi Ministries was recognized at today’s graduation ceremony for the recent work done in the local schools of Paraíso. The director of the school specifically thanked Engadi for their work in cleaning and painting the school over the past year, the scholarships offered to students that allowed students to earn necessary school supplies for free, as well as other work done within the school system.

Engadi would like to extend a thank you to all of our donors whether it be those of you who donated school supplies, those who came and spent time cleaning and painting the schools, or who have supported us financially in the past year. We could not do what we do without you.
We look forward to continue to serve and share Christ’s love with these students and teachers in the upcoming school year beginning in January.

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IMG_9802 IMG_9806


6th Grade Graduation

Today, Engadi Ministries had the privilege of giving a graduation speech to the graduating class of sixth graders in Paraíso. Sadly, statistics show that many of them will not continue their education past this level due to a variety of reasons. Engadi’s Director of Discipleship, David Medina, encouraged children and parents to press on in their schooling and pursue their dreams. Several of these students were also part of Engadi Ministries’ scholarship program to earn school supplies for the past school year.

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