Preschool Construction – First Floor

As we work to lift an entire neighborhood out of poverty and help individuals reach their full potential in Christ improving the overcrowded schools and building a better infrastructure are essential to impacting the lives of these children.

In 2014, I met with Dinora Mayorga, the director of the elementary school across the street from the Engadi Center.  She and the other directors for the elementary schools in the Paraíso neighborhood. At that time I told them, “I can’t promise to do anything, but if I don’t know what the need is I can’t ask God to provide for it.”  They were skeptical, but asked for help painting the schools.  Slowly one classroom at a time with volunteer teams we painted all the public elementary school buildings over three years.

In 2016, Dinora came back and asked us to pray to God for some preschool classrooms. The overcrowded schools always need more space.  Thirty years after building the schools, the Ministry of Education has done little to improve the facilities.  The original idea was just two small classrooms, but God had greater plans.

We have almost completed the five classrooms on the first floor for the preschoolers complex, but a few more details are still needed, such as desks, secure storage, windows and doors.After completing the first floor, in the future, we will focus on the second floor construction for extended elementary classroom space.