Neighborhood Outreach

Engadi Ministries is inspired by the biblical account of David in Engadi (sic), the region where he led a group of poor and “misfit” young men to become the “Mighty Men” of Israel and to transform their suffering land into a great nation (2 Samuel 2:1-2; 1 Chronicles 12:1). Engadi Ministries is working in the areas of discipleship, education, and community development to spur neighborhood transformation in and around Paraíso, Guatemala.


Pain, neglect and violence is a common theme in the Paraíso neighborhood. Most families revolve around one mother with numerous children from several men. Many kids go by their madden name because their father wasn’t present at birth. Society rejects those that come from “that side of the tracks.” Many companies wont even accept a job application if you are from Zone 18. The brokenheartedness can be overwhelming. Bitterness and anger easily takes root deep down in the heart.


Extreme poverty and dangerous living conditions not only affect the family life within Paraíso, but also the health and education of each family. For this reason, Engadi Ministries strives to also improve healthcare and education resources to children and families there. The majority of children do not finish high school due to an imposed need to work and help provide for their family. In addition, the educational system in Paraíso is struggling due to a lack of resources and necessary materials to provide students a quality education.

Community Development

In our attempt to affect the lives of boys in Guatemala we must see the greater picture. We cannot just pull them out of their poverty and expect them to excel, while neglecting their mom and siblings back home, still battling the same issues. We must look at the whole process. Engadi wants to partner with our fellow local ministries that can take the family under their wing, ministering to them locally while we focus on the boy. We want to make sure the other siblings have school supplies, clothes, and medical attention when needed, while even building houses when necessary.