Our Calling

Engadi Ministries exists to provide a safe and nurturing environment to youth who have been trapped within the cycles of poverty and violence that characterize Guatemala City’s slums, helping them to achieve their full potential in Christ Jesus. We believe all children deserve the chance to pursue a brighter future, and we strive to make that hope attainable through community-wide services that include education, home construction, and health education. Specifically, we strive to identify boys with a drive to succeed, and to support their growth as “mighty men” who will value family, love God and change their communities for the better. A comprehensive, sustained approach is critical. So we serve boys’ spiritual, physical, and intellectual needs over the long-term, encouraging them to pursue ambitious goals.

“There are thousands of boys out there who need our help. We can’t give up. We can’t get discouraged. I have to focus on changing the life of one boy. Then two. Then maybe three. Never quitting.”