Engadi Refuge (Under Construction)

“The Refuge” is a concept at the heart of Engadi Ministries. Gangs in the slums pressure boys to join their ranks at a young age – and threaten any who reject their advances with death. This oppressive environment, made worse by severe poverty and hunger, smothers the potential of children who innocently desire to learn and succeed.

This 2.25-acre parcel situated in the mountains above Antigua, Guatemala (a popular tourist destination and world heritage site) will be home for 20 high school-aged boys and provide them a community center complete with library and computer labs, easily accessible educational facilities in the city, and most importantly a healthy family experience with parental role models. With beautiful mountainside views, Engadi Refuge will also host Engadi Ministries’ administrative buildings and Retreat Center, where boys applying for a place within the program can come for weekend orientations.

The Refuge Facility will house our older boys in independent living apartments. House parents will live in a separate apartment to help the boys in their transition. Three to four boys will share an apartment while they attend college in Antigua. This independent living situation will help them learn the skills they need to eventually be on their own

Keeping in mind Antigua’s colonial architectural design, we have based our plans on this concept trying to keep a warm and welcoming atmosphere throughout the facility.

Currently, progress on the Engadi Refuge has been halted due to permitting issues with the local government. Engadi Ministries is continuing to comply with all regulations and is working to lift the current ban on construction. We continue to pray for God to open the doors to allow construction on this property. In the meantime, we are continuing ministry to the boys within Paraíso as well as construction at Engadi Ranch.