Engadi Mission Trips

COVID-19 Health and Safety Practices

Updated as of February 18, 2022

We certainly hope some of the guidelines you read below will change by the time you come down, but we want to err on the side of caution until certain restrictions are lifted!  We will continually update this page with the most accurate and current information regarding Covid protocols for Engadi Mission Trips.  As the government and venue-specific guidelines change, we will be sure to present them to you as soon and as clearly as possible.  

Due to Covid cases worldwide, we expect the following:

  1. A negative Covid test is required for anyone traveling to Guatemala.  Considering some folks have had Covid in the past few weeks or have been vaccinated, it is still a requirement in order to fly.  We know this isn’t a sure fire way to safeguard that Covid will not become present later in the week, but it will certainly limit our risk exponentially to catch any possible cases before you come down.  
  2. As of January 10, 2022 the Guatemalan government is requiring all tourist coming into Guatemala must bring their Vaccination Card showing at least two shots.  Engadi does not endorse nor reject the vaccine.  This is a government mandate. 
  3. We would ask anyone that knows that they have a risk of exposing other team members to this virus to please let us know so we may continue to monitor their situation although they tested negative.  
  4. If the moment arises that you present symptoms, please alert your team leader and isolate immediately until further instructions are given.  Don’t push through it or make believe that you’re ok.