How to Fill Out the Immigration Form

Fill out one form per family unit. Minors traveling without their parents can be included in the form used by the individual that is responsible for them.


  • Type in the random series of letters and numbers to access the page.
  • Select English as your preferred language.
  • Enter your email address, twice.
  • Select “AIR” as your means of travel.
  • Choose “NO” for whether your documentation is Guatemalan.
  • Click the acknowledgement box, and Accept.


  • Select “Entry” (or “Exit” if you are filling out your departure form.)


  • Fill in your First Name & Last Name
  • Select for Arrival or Departure Customs: La Aurora
  • For Traveling Document No. –> Enter your passport number
  • Select “PASSPORT
  • Nationality –> Type “United States of America” unless otherwise
  • Sex –> Select your gender (M or F)
  • Enter your Date of Birth –> (Date / Month / Year)
  • Reason for Travel –> Click “Tourism


  • Means of Transportation –>Click “Aereo/By Air
  • Airline –> Select YOUR AIRLINE (ie AA or DL)
  • No. Flight —> Type the number. (ie 1603)
  • Country of Departure –> Type “United States of America” for Entry, and “Guatemala” for Exit
  • Country of Residence –> Type “United States” unless otherwise
  • Country of Destination –> Type “Guatemala” for Entry, and “Guatemala” for Exit unless otherwise.


  • Foreseen Address –> Type “9a Calle 31-70, Colonia Paraiso II, Zona 18, Guatemala 01018 ” for Entry, and your home address for Exit.
  • Number of Relatives Traveling with You –> Write “0” (unless otherwise)
  • If you are traveling with your spouse or your children, you will add them here.
  • For each individual follow these steps:
    • Nationality –> Type “United States of America” unless otherwise
    • Select “PASSPORT
    • For No. Document –> Enter your passport number
    • Enter their Full Name as it appears in their passport.
    • Relationship: Select what their relationship is to whoever is filling it out.
    • Enter their Date of Birth –> (Date / Month / Year)
    • Press the “Add” Button
  • Add all the family members traveling with you before moving forward.
  • Quantity of Luggage that Travels with You –> Type the number that includes ALL luggage (handbag, backpack, check, and carry on)
  • Quantity of Luggage not Traveling with You –> Type “0


  • Have you been granted tax exemption in the past 6 months? –> Click “No
  • Are you carrying cash, title, objects, precious metals, or a combination of these equal to or greater than US $10,000? —> Click “No
  • Are you carrying live animals, plants, fresh foods, or derived from any of these? –> Click “No
  • Are you carrying chemicals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals or toxic waste products, weapons, ammunition, or explosives?–> Click “No


  • Date of Entry or Exit –> Type DD/MM/YYYY (ie 18/05/2024)
  • Then Click “Keep” — Save as your “Entry” form.

You need to repeat the process with your return flight and save as your “Exit” form.