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This week, Engadi Ministries recognized students within the schools system of Paraíso who completed Engadi’s Scholarship Program for the 2016 school year. Over the years, Engadi has discovered that many children in Paraíso stop attending school altogether due to a lack of basic school supplies that their families cannot afford. In an effort to provide a practical solution to this problem, Engadi has teamed up with students, teachers, and families to help them obtain the necessary materials for success allowing children to continue pursuing the hopes and dreams they have.

Donated supplies were sorted, packaged, and provided to students and parents who had completed several requirements. Families first attended Biblically-based family values classes taught by Engadi’s Director of Discipleship, David Medina, followed by completing a number of hours volunteering within their community creating a brotherhood of parents within the community. In doing so, Engadi partnered with seventy students to help them earn the supplies needed to continue their elementary school education.

Engadi Ministries also partnered with directors, faculty, and teachers within the four elementary schools to allow them to earn supply packages for their classrooms, since teachers are often forced to purchase the majority of necessary supplies by their own means. Sixty-six teachers who voluntarily attended Biblically-based teamwork classes, also taught by David Medina were provided with a package of supplies to help meet their needs within the classroom.

Finally, to close out the day, Nathan and Claudia Hardeman along with Manuel Fajardo, Darlyn Iquic and Ellie Carr presented each of the boys within Engadi’s Derek Program with a package of school supplies at the newly renovated Engadi Transformation Center. Just another way Engadi is seeking to bring hope and brotherhood to Paraíso through the legacy of today’s children.

Thank you to all who donated supplies and made this year’s scholarship program a success in Paraíso.


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