Testosterone, Ropes Course & Hard work

Avenue Men’s Team

This title sounds like a squad of special forces! In fact, they are SPECIAL FORCES.  They are spearheading all the projects we have this year at Engadi


Our friends from Avenue Church in Waxahachie TX sent their brave and always willing Men’s Team.  This time they took on the challenge of the pouring an over 750ft2 concrete slab for one of the classrooms we are building in the Paraíso Neighborhood’s public schools.  Once you start pouring a slab you can’t stop.  Nine men, a concrete mixer, a pulley, lots of buckets and some Derek Boys worked hard to get the job done before the sun went down.  At 4:30 PM MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!  Incredible!  The contractor stood in awe of how quickly the job finished with so few hands working.  NO question about it, once again the Avenue Men’s Team has set the bar very high.  Thank you for your investment in the kids of Zone 18!



To unwind and relax the team took a day trip to the Fuente Georginas Hot Springs near Quetzaltenango.  Well worth the drive! 


Special Thanks to :

1. Mark Miller

2. Justin Burns

3. Dwayne Whitten

4. Paul Burton

5. Dale Sigler

6. Tim Gilmore

7. Corey Navarro

8. Josh Tompkins 

9. Will Oliver

Engadi Partners with Clayton King Ministries

This week is a very special week for Engadi Ministries Intl, as we are hosting our very first team from Clayton King Ministries. The week will be focused on working within the school system of Paraíso as well as hosting evangelistic community development events throughout the weekend. To top if off, we are pleased to have Clayton King, himself joining the team to share the Gospel message in Paraíso over the next several days.


Yesterday, the team had an overall great day working in the largest elementary school in the area. In both the morning and afternoon sessions, Clayton King shared the Gospel with parents of students, where God provided an awesome turnout of several hundred parents throughout the day. The parents were extremely interactive and responsive to the message delivered, and those who dedicated their lives to Christ were encouraged to follow up with a local church or with an Engadi staff ember within Engadi’s Transformation Center which is located just across the street from the school. To close out the day, Clayton shared the Gospel with older children who were finishing up their school day that evening. The children were also quite interactive and loved having a guest speaker from the U.S. share his heart with them.


Evidences of Brotherhood- #1

In the months since acquiring and renovating the Engadi Transformation Center in Paraíso, Engadi has seen a strong #brotherhood form between the boys within the Derek Program. The boys can often be found in the ETC during their downtime on their own accord, whether they be cleaning the building, browsing through Engadi’s collection of children books, or just enjoying a snack in the refreshing shade with their buddies.

Engadi is thrilled to see the ETC becoming a refuge for these young men, but even more than that, we are inspired that these boys are forming a brotherhood outside of the gang influences the so often fill Paraíso.


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