Education In Guatemala

Guatemala’s educational system is one of the poorest, and arguably one of the worst in Central America. Although literacy and schooling rates are growing nationwide, the country as a whole still lags behind most other Central American nations, and Paraíso is no exception. Nearly one quarter of the country’s population is illiterate, and many kids drop out of school at a young age to begin helping provide for their family, whether it be working to make a few dollars a day or taking care of younger siblings while parents work. Only about one-third of children will continue their education beyond sixth grade.


It is for these reasons that Engadi Ministries places a high emphasis on improving education as a whole in Paraíso. Through a yearly scholarship program Engadi provides school supplies to families, teachers, and faculty who otherwise couldn’t afford them. We also provide periodical classes to educate and create a #brotherhood between teachers and also provide them with resources to enhance the educational experience of students. Over the past several years Engadi has also focused on cleaning up and repainting schools to provide an atmosphere of #hope where children can learn. Through these means as well as other programs that are still being developed, Engadi hopes to improve the overall education in Paraíso, making it an exception to Guatemalan statistics, and giving children a bright future full of opportunities.



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