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English Classes Offered to Girls in Paraíso

Engadi’s English classes have continued to grow and deepen in Paraíso this summer. We now have enough of the boys within the Derek Program attending to offer classes all day on both Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Engadi Transformation Center. Seeing the tremendous response from these classes offered to the boys in Paraíso, Engadi felt […]

Summer Volunteers 2016

This Summer, we have been blessed with the help of three volunteers to partner with us throughout the months of June and July. We are thank fun for the abilities and talents that each of them brings to share with us this Summer, and want to introduce each one. Brenda is from South Carolina and […]

Derek Retreat in Benaiah Home

This week, Engadi hosted it’s first ever retreat for boys in the Derek Program. Some of the oldest and most active boys in the program were invited to Engadi’s Benaiah Home for a three-day retreat. Six boys were able to attend the event and arrived to the house Tuesday afternoon. The retreat served several purposes, […]

Derek Group Outing to Scaled Relief Map

This week, the highest performing boys within Engadi’s Derek Group took a special outing to one of Guatemala City’s educational attractions- a scaled relief map of nations Guatemala and Belize. The map, which was created by explorer Francisco Vela at the beginning of the 20th century, is a 3D portrayal of both countries with mountains, […]

Evidences of Hope- #3

Engadi has recently initiated English classes as another way to bring #hope to Paraíso. While learning a second language may be a leisure pursuit for some, to the boys in Paraíso it could lead to new job opportunities, even some that they otherwise would have been disqualified from due to the neighborhood in which they […]

Evidences of Brotherhood- #3

Through the English classes that were initiated in Paraíso last week, Engadi has been able to create an even stronger #brotherhood within the boys in the Derek Program. This #brotherhood can be seen especially between Engadi staff members and the boys during their lessons. While working on the computers, boys have a mentor with them […]

Engadi Initiates English Classes in Paraíso

This week, Engadi piloted new typing and English classes for the boys in the Derek Program. Young men who had a desire to improve their skills in either of these areas were invited to classes led by Engadi staff members in the Engadi Transformation Center. Most of these boys do not have regular access to […]

Education In Guatemala

Guatemala’s educational system is one of the poorest, and arguably one of the worst in Central America. Although literacy and schooling rates are growing nationwide, the country as a whole still lags behind most other Central American nations, and Paraíso is no exception. Nearly one quarter of the country’s population is illiterate, and many kids […]

ETC Inspirational Mural

This week, while the majority of the team from Clayton King Ministries was busy doing outreach in local elementary schools and hosting events on Paraíso’s main soccer field, a special team of artists within the team was working on a special project within the Engadi Transformation Center. Mixing their own colors of paint using only […]

New Paint for the Transformation Center

The team from Clayton King Ministries spent their last workday in Paraíso painting the Engadi Transformation Center, Engadi’s physical center within the community. Throughout the day, the team painted almost the entire interior and exterior of the building giving it a whole new look. The team cleaned and brightened the walls with a bright yellow […]