Testosterone, Ropes Course & Hard work

Avenue Men’s Team

This title sounds like a squad of special forces! In fact, they are SPECIAL FORCES.  They are spearheading all the projects we have this year at Engadi


Our friends from Avenue Church in Waxahachie TX sent their brave and always willing Men’s Team.  This time they took on the challenge of the pouring an over 750ft2 concrete slab for one of the classrooms we are building in the Paraíso Neighborhood’s public schools.  Once you start pouring a slab you can’t stop.  Nine men, a concrete mixer, a pulley, lots of buckets and some Derek Boys worked hard to get the job done before the sun went down.  At 4:30 PM MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!  Incredible!  The contractor stood in awe of how quickly the job finished with so few hands working.  NO question about it, once again the Avenue Men’s Team has set the bar very high.  Thank you for your investment in the kids of Zone 18!



To unwind and relax the team took a day trip to the Fuente Georginas Hot Springs near Quetzaltenango.  Well worth the drive! 


Special Thanks to :

1. Mark Miller

2. Justin Burns

3. Dwayne Whitten

4. Paul Burton

5. Dale Sigler

6. Tim Gilmore

7. Corey Navarro

8. Josh Tompkins 

9. Will Oliver

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