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Schools are a bridge to the community.  The Paraíso Neighborhood has four elementary schools with different levels of need.  By investing in the children we are helping them grow towards a brighter future. The academic school year in Guatemala starts in January and ends in October. Whether it be a single parent or there are multiple siblings, sometimes up to 8 kids in school, buying supplies for the kids is always a challenge. 

Engadi has developed a School Supply Program to help bring relief to these families.  Every year we reached between 50 to 60 families that represents about 120 kids that receive their school supplies bag. As more families hear about how our School Supply Program work more families want to get involved.  The numbers are constantly growing.

Having the supplies you need to learn is something many time we take for granted.  Putting these items in their hands at the beginning of they year can greatly impact their lives. 

Thank you to everyone that donated throughout the year! 

How does the program work?

Engadi invites parents to sign up at the beginning of the school year for the School Supply Program so they may obtain the benefit for the next school year. With the With this Program we hope to achieve three main aspects of our ministry within the community: 

  • Community Transformation: When parents sign up for the program they commit to work 20 hours of Community Service within the school their kids attend, or within their neighborhood. 
  • Family Transformation: Parents, also, have to attend four out of twelve Bible based value classes offered at the Engadi Center.  These classes help them learn how to be better parents and spouses.
  • Poverty Transformation: We don’t want to just give things away which can create dependency.  We want the families to buy into their own community. Requiring parents to complete 20 hours of Community Service and attending the 4 value classes they feel a part of the transformation in their own community.  They also become a living example to their kids.

Get Involved 

Here is a suggested list of school supplies you can collect along with your church, organization, or mission team Here is a suggested list of school supplies you can collect along with your church, organization, or mission team 

Student Supplies

Spiral Notebooks with Graph, Lined, Double-lined, and Blank pages.

Elmer’s Glue: Small Bottles or Glue Sticks


#2 Pencils

Pencil Sharpeners

Kids Scissors

Pens (Red, Black & Blue)


Color Pencils (Box of 12)

Crayons (Small individual boxes)

Color Markers (Box of 12)

Colored Paper

Geometric Rulers

Teacher Supplies

Hole Punch



Whiteboard Markers & Erasers

Permanent Markers

Adult Scissors

Reward Stickers

Manila Folders with clamps

Tape – Masking & Clear

3-Ring Binders

Modeling Clay

Post-it Notes


Loose leaf paper – Blank and lined

Scientific calculator

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