Happy Mom, Happy Home

Mom’s Retreat

As you know a lot of the women here are beaten down, abused, neglected and never taken into account. Many of them are single moms with lots of kids doing all she can to get ahead.  No one ever encourages them or focuses on them.  We’ve felt the burden to do something.  Engadi’s primary ministry is to the boys, but we wanted to encourage the moms for their part in raising them.

Newspring Church blew us away with their generosity.  They started off with an amazing time of worship, in Spanish!  Sandra Medina, David’s wife, shared God’s word from her heart.  Several of the ladies gave their lives to Jesus for the first time.









We then spent the afternoon pampering the moms with Nail polish, Hair Station, Handcrafting, where some activities that helped to see withered faces turned into shiny princess. About 30 moms where pampered and loved. 


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