The Hidden Work of Trenching

Newspring Church, Anderson, SC

Spirit of Service, that is a good way to describe the the personality of every Newspring team member. On Monday morning they started by giving ESL conversational classes at the GIF English Academy.  GIF comes to the Engadi Center every week to teach English to our Derek Boys. 

Guatemala is known for its volcanoes.  Over the years the ash from those volcanos has mixed with the clay in the ground to form an extremely hard soil called, “talpetate”.  This team had the privilege of digging trenches for the sewer and water lines.  After a hard week of work we laid the pipe and filled in the hole.  It would seem as if they had done no work.  

Just like the work done in the trenches, Jesus is at work deep inside the Derek boys in ways that we may not see, yet.  We must lay pipes to bring the Living Water into their lives and flush the filth out. 

Another part of the team helped build some retaining walls to secure the backside of Classroom 1.  Little by little this project is coming together.  Their help in the construction project at the school is vital for the continued progress in the months to come. 


Thank you for working so hard: 

Haley Banfield

Supervising the job-site

Jake Beaty

Justin Brock

Kelly Broome

Mark Cornell

Glenn Dannelly

Molly Dannelly

Gabriella Lacouture

Sarah Meeks

James Walker

Sydney Wortham

Charisse Reichenbach

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