Family Values Classes- Partnering with Families

Over the next three weeks, Engadi Ministries will be providing Biblically-based Family Values Classes to parents within the school systems of Paraíso. The classes are designed to provide Biblical parenting strategies to bring families closer together and promote healthy relationships within families. David Medina, Engadi’s Director of Discipleship, will be providing the classes Monday through Friday at several intervals throughout the day. David’s passion for families and gift of teaching has created a special bond between him and the students and families of the local elementary schools.

Families are able to elect classes with topics that interest them, and attend classes at times throughout the week that are convenient to their schedules. Many of these parents have students who are enrolled in Engadi’s annual scholarship program. Parents of these children must attend at least four of the classes as a part of the students’ requirements to earn school supplies.

We are asking for prayers for David as he leads these classes and discussions over the next several weeks. Pray also that parents are receptive to the ideas and messages that he brings them.

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