November Pizza Reward


Another month has passed, and the young men within the Derek Program are continuing to excel within the program. This month, sixteen boys attended at least 75% of all Engadi activities including weekly Bible studies and community service projects. As a reward this month, the brotherhood of boys were taken out to a pizza lunch at a restaurant where they were able to play, relax, and enjoy a delicious meal that is a rare treat for most of the boys.

201511 Pizza 201511 Pizza 201511 Pizza

Of the sixteen who participated in this month’s reward, eight boys were additionally rewarded for having perfect attendance in the month of November, a record number since the inception of the Derek Program. These eight were rewarded with a special dessert at the lunch, which they shared until there wasn’t a morsel left.

201511 Pizza

IMG_0504 201511 Pizza

Engadi is extremely proud of this group of hard-working brotherhood of young men. We will continue striving to bring each of their hopes to a reality so that each individual will continue to leave a legacy within his own community.

201511 Pizza

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