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Watkinsville Finishes Workweek

Yesterday, the Watkinsville high school team finished up their workweek in Paraíso. The team of one nine individuals finished all of the major playground structures, and neighbors and local residents are thrilled! You can sense the renewed feeling of #hope within the neighborhood almost instantly. The team did awesome work on the playground, and as you can see in the photos, they were constantly joined by local children who couldn’t wait to play on the playground. We encourage you to take a moment and check out their work in the photos above!

Today the team will spend their free day hiking an active volcano here in Guatemala before heading back to the States tomorrow. Thank you, Watkinsville students, for spending your spring break bringing glory to the Father through your service!


Evidence of Hope- #1

Each day this week, as the team of students from Watkinsville FBC arrived to work on Paraíso’s first community playground, they experienced evidences of #hope within the community located in Guatemala City’s northern slums. Upon arriving to the central playground, the team encountered mothers with their children playing together on the unfinished structures. Mothers who no longer felt it necessary to stay indoors for their children’s safety. Mothers who deemed this playground a GOOD and SAFE place for their children to play. Mothers who see this playground as a beacon of #hope, a change for the better, within their community.


This hope, through Christ’s love, is what Engadi is all about.


Watkinsville’s Workweek in Paraíso

201603 Watkinsville

The team of high school students from Watkinsville FBC have been hard at work this week in Paraíso continuing progress on a playground for local children.  The play area is the first of it’s kind in the community and is strategically located only 1-2 blocks from four nearby elementary schools. Several families in the area have expressed their gratitude, excitement, and #hope at the idea of their children having a place to play at such a central area in their community, and local children have formed a #brotherhood working with teams from the States to help construct the area. Watkinsville has done a great job at continuing the plans for the playground, and we can’t wait to update you with their finished progress at the end of the week!


201603 Watkinsville

201603 Watkinsville 201603 Watkinsville

Watkinsville Family Fun Day in Paraíso

Yesterday marked yet another day of bringing #hope and #brotherhood to Paraíso through hosting local families at an open neighborhood community space to bond through fun and games. The team of high school students from Watkinsville FBC spent the afternoon yesterday playing games and drawing with local children and their parents. Engadi was able to use the event to evangelize to those in attendance through a message given through our Director of Discipleship, David Medina. In addition, opportunities were created to hand out New Testament Bibles to many of the families in attendance. We are thankful for Watkinsville’s partnership yesterday to help Engadi continue spreading the Gospel and bringing #hope and #brotherhood to Paraíso.

The team of high school students will spend the rest of this week continuing work in Paraíso on the playground mad of recycled and repurposed tires that Engadi began last month. Check back to see photos of their progress throughout the week!


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201604 Watkinsville