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Engadi Discussed in TEDx Talk

In recent weeks, Engadi Ministries had the privilege of being discussed during the TEDxUGA conference in Athens, GA. During Phillip and Eileen Blume’s talk titled, “Trading Selfies for Selflessness,” the ministry was featured as an example of how everyone can use their own creativity to help others.

TEDx talks are prestigious events held around the world. The events promote open communication of “ideas worth sharing,” to help communities, movements, and individuals create conversations that will further their visions. During the recent TEDxUGA conference in Athens, GA, one of Engadi’s board members, and long-time supporters of Engadi’s vision, Phillip Blume and his wife, Eileen, of Blume Photography, had the opportunity to speak openly about how they have chosen to use their creativity to make a difference in the world. We encourage you to check it out, and explore ways that you can use your OWN creativity to do what God is calling you to do!

“Phillip and Eileen Blume are award-winning photographers and socially conscious creatives who believe in the power of visual artists to change the world. They work with wedding couples worldwide and are the founders of ComeUNITY Workshops for photographers . They also invest in personal projects, such as their 2011 documentary film Lost Boys of Paradise, which screened nationwide to benefit children in third-world slums. As educators, the Blumes have been seen on CreativeLIVE and speak at many top industry events about the art and business of photography. Phillip is a contributor to Shutter Magazine (now available at all Barnes & Noble locations), and the pair live with their children in rural Georgia.”

TEDxUGA 2016 : Illuminate

Esteemed photographers Phillip and Eileen Blume of Blume Photography will be speaking live this Friday at the TEDxUGA event. Their talk will have a focus on Engadi Ministries, and ways that they have partnered to help bring awareness to children living in slums of Guatemala City such as Paraíso. In 2012, the Blumes wrote, directed, produced “The Lost Boys of Paradise,” a documentary film on Engadi Ministries Intl. Since then, they have also created short films as follow up pieces to their full-length film, and also continue to serve on Engadi Ministries’ Board of Directors.

Phillip Blume of Blume Photography on location in Guatemala in January, 2016.

Phillip Blume of Blume Photography on location in Guatemala in January, 2016.

The event, which will be held at the University of Georgia can be streamed online at tedxuga.com/livestream. The Blumes will be speaking at approximately 3:45 pm EST. You can catch the LIVE simulcast of the entire event from 1:00-5:00 pm EST, this Friday, March 18 at TEDxUGA.com. We encourage you to tune in live Friday to hear Phillip and Eileen as we are excited to hear their “ideas worth spreading.”


“Ideas have the power to educate, motivate, inspire, and illuminate. Great ideas light a fire within us, and often the biggest ideas start with the smallest of sparks: a spark of genius, a spark of imagination, or maybe even a spark of madness. The University of Georgia strives to seek out those sparks and illuminate the brilliance within us all. TEDxUGA 2016: Illuminate will bring UGA’s brightest minds into the spotlight to share their stories, experiences, and ideas worth spreading. Today’s ideas will illuminate tomorrow’s possibilities. All it takes is a single spark.”

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Video: Recent Updates and Ministry Progress, Spring 2016

Engadi Ministries wants to update you on the recent changes and strides we have made over the past six months. Check out this brief, two minute video on some of the changes you can expect to see on your next trip down to partner with Engadi Ministries in Guatemala. We praise God for what He is doing in Guatemala through Engadi to bring #hope and #brotherhood to the community of Paraíso.

Video Credit: Phillip Blume of Blume Photography and Film.


Raising the Roof

Yesterday, the all-men’s team from Avenue Church in Texas put in a long day’s work in Paraíso at Engadi’s newly acquired Engadi Transformation Center. The team removed the building’s original roof which was in disrepair and replaced it with new metal roofing. They also finished framing on one of the building’s bathrooms and began drywall work on the room. In addition, they initiated rewiring the electrical system in the building and leveling and pouring new concrete flooring upstairs. Great work guys! Your efforts will help Engadi bring hope and brotherhood to countess children and families in Paraíso

The team is back in Paraíso as of this morning continuing progress on the building. We can’t wait to see the progress that they are able to make in the next three days that they are here!

Avenue Church's mens team removing the old tin roof.

Avenue Church’s mens team removing the old tin roof.

Avenue Church's men's team hoisting up the new sheets of metal roofing.

Avenue Church’s men’s team hoisting up the new sheets of metal roofing.

Avenue Church's men's team finished the roof; now moving on to level and pour new concrete flooring.

The new roof looks great!  Now moving on to level and pour new concrete flooring.

Phillip Blume of Blume Photography captured the progress made of Engadi's Transformation Center

Phillip Blume of Blume Photography captured the progress made of Engadi’s Transformation Center


Men’s Team Leads January Family Festival

IMG_1219Avenue Family Festival Jan 2015

This week, Engadi Ministries is excited to be joined by two very important partners. Saturday night, fourteen men from Avenue Church in Waxahachie, Texas arrived in Guatemala. Yesterday, the all-men’s team partnered with Engadi Ministries to host a family festival at the soccer stadium where a message about sin and God’s forgiveness through Christ was shared with all in attendance. We are thankful for the team’s efforts to continue bringing hope and brotherhood to Paraíso through the Gospel of Christ.

Avenue Family Festival Jan 2015 Avenue Family Festival Jan 2015

Also joining Engadi this week is board member, Phillip Blume of Blume Photography. Four years after releasing “Lost Boys of Paradise,” a documentary following the work of Engadi Ministries in Paraíso, Blume has returned to partner with Engadi for the week shooting more footage of the ministry in action. Since Engadi’s inception, Phillip has had a heartbeat for bringing hope and brotherhood to boys living in the slums of Guatemala, specifically, Paraíso, and we are thrilled to have him return to Guatemala for the week.

Blume Photography 2015

Throughout this week, the all-men’s team from Avenue Church will be spearheading the construction on Engadi Ministries’ newly acquired Transformation Center in Paraíso. We are thankful to have their knowledge and experience with construction to help us complete several specialized tasks. Check back for updates of their progress throughout the week!

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