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Juanes’ Receives His Birth Record

Meet Juanes. He is a regular participant in Engadi’s Derek Program for at-risk boys living in Paraíso, a neighborhood in the northern slums of Guatemala City. Juanes has one of the highest attendance records within the Derek Program, and can regularly be found helping younger boys within the area complete their community service projects, or helping them in their discipleship groups.

Juanes’ mother makes tortillas within the community, earning little more than a few dollars a day to support their family. His father is absent from his life. In spite of being fourteen years old, Juanes has never been able to attend school due to unusual events surrounding his emergency birth in 2001 that prevented him from receiving a birth certificate. To the Guatemalan government, it is as if Juanes didn’t exist, at least until a few months ago.

Last fall, Manuel, David, and James, of Engadi Ministries, began working with Juanes and his family to locate the small public hospital where he was born, petition for a new birth certificate, and register Juanes with the national government. In October, after searching through years worth of handwritten birth records, Juanes’ file was found in a small hospital across Guatemala City, but that was just the beginning of the process.

Yesterday, after numerous trips to the capital city, visiting at least four separate public offices, and countless hours waiting in lines, Juanes received his birth certificate, and was registered with the Guatemalan government, allowing him to enroll in school, and one day apply for jobs and get married.

Juanes' mother, Gregoria Cutzal, Juanes, and Engadi's Director of Discipleship, David Medina outside Juanes home.

Juanes’ mother, Gregoria Cutzal, Juanes, and Engadi’s Director of Discipleship, David Medina outside Juanes home.

Juanes can’t wait to begin studying and learn to read and write. He has already been working one-on-one with Engadi’s Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator, Manuel Fajardo, and has learned to recognize and write letters including his full name, which was made official this winter: Juan Jose Cutzal.

What an example of #hope he is! Engadi will continue working with Juanes and his family to help him reach his full potential in Christ.


Juanes proudly displaying his government registration which will allow him to enroll in school, apply for jobs, and one day get married.

Juanes proudly displaying his government registration which will allow him to enroll in school, apply for jobs, and one day get married.



Juanes, a driven young man within Engadi’s Derek Program, has grown up in the slums of Guatemala City never being able to enroll in school or learn to read or write. Although he was born in Guatemala City, due to a glitch in the system, he never received a birth certificate from the hospital where he was born. Because of this, he has been completely undocumented and prohibited from attending school. Over the past several weeks, Engadi has been fighting for Juanes to obtain his birth certificate to provide him with a broader spectrum of opportunities in life. We are striving to have the process completed before the end of the year so that in January he can enroll in an alphabetization course that will teach him to read and write.

In spite of all the odds and setbacks facing him, fourteen-year-old Juanes is determined to succeed. Over the past few weeks, Engadi’s Director of Ministry in Zone 18, Manuel, has been working one-on-one with him to give him a head start in reading and writing. With a little mentoring, Juanes is greatly excelling in learning his letters and basic sight words. He is also the only young man to have perfect attendance in all of the Derek Program activities. Way to go Juanes!

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Juanes’ Birth Record

We all take for granted the fact that we exist and are identified in someway. What would happen if you weren’t even sure when you were born? What if you didn’t have a birth certificate? You couldn’t enroll in school, apply for a job, get a Driver’s license, get married. You may be on this earth physically, but you don’t exist on paper.

Juanes Lopez thinks he was born in October 2001 and has never been to school because his birth was never registered.

Yesterday David & James found his birth registry in the medical records of small hospital.
Juanes was born September 7, 2001!

Still working on getting it legally registered and getting a birth certificate.

Just another way to bring ‪#‎HOPE‬ to the boys in Zone 18.

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Juan Jose Lopez