First Classes in the Engadi Transformation Center

Last week, Engadi Ministries held our first classes within the recently acquired and renovated Engadi Transformation Center in Paraíso. As a way to earn school supplies for their children, families are able to attend Biblically-based values classes, which are now held at the Engadi Transformation Center, a safe and neutral location within their community.

ETC Classes

Residents of Paraíso attending Family Values Classes within the Engadi Transformation Center

The classes held last week were taught by Engadi’s Director of Discipleship, David Medina, and covered a Biblical the topics of “Love vs. Hate”, a message which is extremely relevant in Paraíso’s gang-ridden streets. Classes aim to unite, educate, and share hope through the Gospel of Christ within the community.  Young men within the Derek Program have also begun using the building for weekly Bible studies and discipleship groups.  We are excited to be a part of how God is able to use the Center to ultimately draw the community of Paraíso closer to Him.


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