Benaiah House Furnishings

For the past week, men from Avenue Church in Waxahachie, Texas have been working on a very special project for the Benaiah House, Engadi Ministries’ first boys home, which is scheduled to open its doors early this year. The house is already home to Engadi’s main offices, and houseparents, James and Ellie Carr. It is now even one step closer to housing its first three at-risk boys from the slums of Guatemala.

201501 Avenue Furnishings 201501 Avenue Furnishings 201501 Avenue Furnishings

Part of the all-men’s team has constructed beds, dressers, and desks for the first three young men to move into the Benaiah House, and even began construction on three additional beds that will be needed later this year as the ministry grows.

Benaiah Furnishings Benaiah Furnishings

These beds are designed to give each young man his own area within his shared room, with his own space to study, place to keep his belongings, and his own bed, things that these boys have never experienced in Paraíso, where most families currently live in small tin shacks that are generally shared by many individuals. These rooms will help create a close bond of brotherhood between the boys who share them, in addition to cultivating the hopes and dreams of each individual boy.

201501 Avenue Furnishings

Thank you, Avenue Church, for believing in the vision of Engadi Ministries, and making it a reality through your hard work and dedication. The beds look wonderful!


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  1. Brenda Stephens
    Brenda Stephens says:

    It’s great to see this future living space. I can envision the excitement of the first young men who will live here with the provisions and furnishings you have created. God has great things in store for this place, more than we can imagine!

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