The Final Whistle- Camp Week Ends


Today closed out the week of soccer camp in Paraíso hosted by Engadi Ministries. The past week has allowed children to hear Biblical messages each day, improve their soccer skills and have a constructive way to pass their time while not in school. It has been a huge success within Paraíso, and has let Engadi further assess and better meet the needs of the kids we work with.

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A concluding devotion was given by Engadi’s Director of Discipleship, David, which was followed by a scrimmage tournament for each age group. To close the week, each participant received a certificate of participation from Engadi.

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Two of the young men from within the Derek Program presented certificates of gratitude on behalf of Engadi to the weeklong volunteer coaches, Tato and Jose, who freely gave their time to help Engadi host the camp this week.

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Children were also provided bread from their coaches as they departed as it was recognized that most had not eaten breakfast in the mornings and fatigued quicker than expected during the soccer camp. Engadi is extremely thankful for the generosity and partnership from Tato, Jose, and Andy, and for their devotion to providing both hope and brotherhood to the children of Paraíso this week.

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Tomorrow starts a new week for Engadi with the team from Anderson University arriving in the afternoon. We will update with their progress throughout the week. Stay tuned!

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