Derek Group Outing to the Zoo


This weekend, Engadi Ministries had the opportunity to continue working one-on-one and strengthening brotherhood within the boys within the Derek Program. This month, boys partook in a larger quarterly outing from their neighborhood of Paraíso to Guatemala’s national zoo. Boys who had an attendance of at least 75% of their discipleship groups since September, as well as at least 75% of participation in local community service projects were treated to an outing to the zoo where several had never been before. It was a great time for these boys to break away from the monotony of their small community, and spend time fellowshipping with each other.

Through these outings, Engadi staff members are able to focus intensively with each of the boys and continue mentoring them, focusing on building the hopes and dreams of each young man. Just another way Engadi is working to bring #hope and #brotherhood to Paraíso through the next generation of men.


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