ETC Inspirational Mural

This week, while the majority of the team from Clayton King Ministries was busy doing outreach in local elementary schools and hosting events on Paraíso’s main soccer field, a special team of artists within the team was working on a special project within the Engadi Transformation Center. Mixing their own colors of paint using only a few basic colors, the team created a beautiful mural in the main classroom of the Engadi Transformation Center!


The center of the mural features Engadi’s signature “Oak of Righteousness” based off of Isaiah 61:1-6. Beside the oak are Engadi’s guiding values of Hope and Brotherhood written in Spanish.


The right third of the mural features a typical Guatemalan style pueblo with a backdrop of one of Guatemala’s many volcanoes. At the center is a church surrounded by homes and other small businesses.


On the far left side of the painting is a more modern city featuring a hospital, fire station, bank, and crane to signify new development. The city is surrounded by a busy highway of cars trucks and buses. The old and new communities represent the mix of cultures in Guatemala and the vast options that each of the children in Paraíso have for careers, homes, and community life when they grow up. The mural delivers a message to the children who will be using the center that they are capable of anything with God when they put their minds to it. Across the bottom, tying the sections together is painted, “Be strong and brave and do not fear.” Joshua 1:9.

The team did an awesome job on the mural! It very clearly delivers a message of #hope and #brotherhood to all who will be using the ETC for classes and community events. Thank you Clayton King Ministries for this awesome work of art!


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