Engadi Staff Attends Caregiver Training

Caregiver Training

Last week, Engadi’s Director of Discipleship, David Medina, and houseparents, James and Ellie Carr attended a caregiver training seminar as we move closer to the date when Engadi Ministries will open the doors of the Benaiah House, it’s first boys home. The three day course, called (Un)Adopted, was provided by Lifeline Children’s Services, and hosted at a local children’s home here in Guatemala. The classes covered topics related to assessing and responding to the needs of children from troubled backgrounds within a home environment.

The courses covered practical tips that we will be able to implement into our daily lives within the Benaiah Home to foster the hope and brotherhood within the young men living there, while providing them with a secure environment in which to live and meeting their physical needs as well. We look forward to implementing these tasks as we begin taking in boys over the next few weeks.


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