We Have the Land!

For those of you who have been praying the purchase of land, I wanted to let you know that we have reached the purchase price for the land as of October 8th! We were able to pay the land owner in full the $150,000 two weeks before it was due. God is our great provider!
Praise God for His Provision.

Our next major challenge is to come up with the sales tax, registration and legal fees needed to actually put the land in the ministry’s name.  The total cost for this is around $27,000! We already have $16,500!  We are just over $10,000 away.
Pray for the funds needed.

Recently we were offered a piece of land adjacent to ours which will help us resolve some of the issues the architects were having with the distribution of the buildings. If God provides we hope to purchase that piece as well. It would be another $50,000 to purchase this land.
Pray for wisdom and direction in this.

For now we are in the process of going through the legal loops and hops to get the title transferred. It may be a few weeks, or several months to get it all lined up. Having the legal title is important in obtaining the construction permits and other licenses in order to start building on the site.
Pray that we may find favor in the eyes of the government officials and that we may get the paperwork quickly.

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