Reaching the End of the Trail

One of my favorite things to do in the whole world is to hike volcanoes.  My favorite hike is the Santa Maria Volcano in my home town of Quetzaltenango.  You start out at about 8,000Ft and over 4 hours you climb up to nearly 13,00Ft.  At the top the view is incredible!  On a clear day you can see the 14,000ft peaks on the Mexican boarder 80 miles to the west, the smoking peak of Fuego volcano 100 miles to the east, the high mountain ridges to the north and the endless blueness of the Pacific Ocean to the south. I’ve hiked to see that view more times than I can remember.  The one problem is that after you enjoy God’s beauty, you still have to hike back down.  Although, we are nearly to the car, it seems like the last 100 yrds are always the hardest.

In a similar fashion we are at the last 100 yards in obtaining the land.  August 2009 we stood at the foot of an impossible challenge and decide to go after it.  October 8, 2010, we reached the top when we received the final donation to cover the $150,000, two weeks before the deadline, to purchase the land.  (It still amazes me, not that God could do it, but that he choose me to do it through.)  Currently, we are in the process of legalizing the purchase of the land and putting it in the ministry’s name.  Once we get the land title in the ministry’s name we can obtain the construction licensing we need for the phase.

As you may have seen in the update we recently sent, we have $16,500 so far.  We need to come up with an additional $10,000 to complete the process.  Legal fees, sales tax and registration expenses come out to be about 17.5% of the total purchase.  (The legal side of purchasing land in Guatemala is outrageous!)  Work can’t progress until we get this money.  I know you have already sacrificed, given, volunteered, worked hard and prayed for this project, but need to make a final push.

You may not have the funds personally, but you may know people that do.  Year end is quickly approaching, maybe someone you know needs an extra Tax-credit.  Maybe your church needs a place to send a special Christmas offering.  I just ask you to pray and allow God to show you what to do.  For some it may be to just pray, for others He may lay on your heart a creative way to help come up with funds, He may bring to mind someone you need to talk to, and for others He may lay a specific amount on your heart to give.  No amount of effort is too small.  Every little penny is needed. Just be available for how God leads you.

All donation are tax-deductible. You can donate to the Land Fund online or you can mail a check made out to “American Bushido-kai Karate Association”, to 1228 E 21st Place, Tulsa, OK 74114. Write “Guatemala Land Fund” on the Memo line.

We are tired, our legs are cramping, we are out of water, and just want to sit down. The end of the trail is in sight! just 100 yards away!  Let’s push through to the end. Let’s finish the trail.

Thanks for hiking with us on this incredible journey,
Nathan & Claudia

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