Natali Abigail Coj Ramírez

Birthday: November 2

Institution: INCA School -8th Grade


Natali Coj

I have been in Engadi’s School Supplies Program since 2015, along with my little brother Elizandro.  At home, we have a have a wonderful role model in our mother.  She actively supports the parents’ committee at our school and always helps as much as possible.

My mother, Mrs.  Vitalina, has had to find a way to support me and my brother.  She not only has to provide for us financially but also has to take care of the home and family.  That is why she sells food in the morning and in the afternoon she takes care of us and helps us with our homework.

I am very shy.  I do not like to be the center of attention, but I do like to work hard and learn new things.  I always strive to make good grades.

Prayer Request:

Natali asks that we pray for………..


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