Karen Elizabeth Calderón Arana

Birthday: November 29

Institution: Mayan Tech - 11th Grade

Degree Focus: Publicity


Karen Calderón

I was only ten years old when my father passed away.  That left only my mother, who suddenly  had to find a way to financially support our large family.  It was a complicated situation for my mother, who had to work and take care of the family.  My twin sister Jennifer and I jumped in to help to do the household chores and take care of our younger brothers.  As time went on, money got tighter and tighter.  Eventually, we could no longer continue paying for our studies.  With the help of our school, we managed to finish that school year, and God miraculously repeated that story year after year until we finished middle school.

When it was time for me to enter high school, I still did not have the financial resources to continue.  What could I do? I got a job babysitting, which allowed me to help at home and also to pay for my studies.  Unfortunately, the money wasn’t enough.  I could not continue with my first year of career track, an important part of my high school studies.  I owed my school a tuition payment, and without paying the debt I could not receive all my academic records.  Engadi Ministries helped me to continue studying and gave me a scholarship.  I wish with all my heart that more girls could receive this blessing.  I wish that Engadi could give the same help to lots of other girls so that they could improve themselves and help their families get ahead.

My dream is to become a journalist and broadcaster, either on the radio or on television, because I love to express my ideas.  A Christian radio motivated me to explore that career path, and I would like to work on a Christian radio as well.

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