Jane Jefersson Ramírez García

Birthday: October 27

Institution: Pan y Vida School - 7th Grade


Jefersson Ramírez

The Derek Program has had a big impact on my family.  I joined Derek Program in 2018 along with my brother Imer.  I saw the positive change that Engadi Ministries was creating in my brother, so I also became interested in joining.  I am very active within the Derek Group.  I especially love community support activities, and I try to be there whenever an opportunity arises.

My family always has a hard time scraping together enough money to pay for necessities.  Sometimes we barely have enough to survive the day.  My father receives a pension from the government because he is a former military man, and that is our only source of income.

Prayer Request:

Jefersson asks that we pray for………..


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