Alan Iverson Taxch Aguirre

Birthday: January 25

CSS Institute -11th Grade

Degree Focus: Computer Systems


Alan Taxch

I joined the Derek Group in 2018.  I live with my mom and dad, and I am the older of two children.  My father works seasonally in manufacturing.  That job is not year-round, and it does not provide enough income for our family.  We are always struggling to make ends meet.  With the money my father receives monthly we can barely survive, so we sometimes do not have enough money left to pay for school.

School is important to me.  I am dedicated to my studies, and I always want to get good grades.  I am also a football (soccer) fan.  I am always willing to help others, so I do not miss an opportunity to support the teams when they build in the Paraíso Neighborhood. I help a lot at home with the chores and I am very close with my parents.  Being in Derek Group has been great for me.  I enjoy spending time there with everyone in the group, but my favorite activity is discipleship. 

I want to continue studying to be able to support my family.  I am very grateful that Engadi Ministries has given me the opportunity to obtain this scholarship in order to continue going to school.  I really work hard and make the most of the opportunity to study.  In fact, I think the privilege of going to school is so great that I try to motivate other guys in the Derek Group to keep working hard in school.  I want everyone to make take advantage of their chance to learn. 

I want to study Criminology.  I have seen many crimes that have gone unpunished, so that motivates me to study this area of justice.  I want to help those people and bring closure to what happened and who did it.  I am already becoming a different person because I know very well how I want my future to be for me and my family.


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